Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions shall apply to all levels of our business loans.
Note: The business loan you received is not free and must be paid within the stipulated time or face legal actions according to the term of agreement.
1. The business loan is NOT free and must be repaid according to the Juwi Multi Services Company policy on loan repayment.

2. Every business loan will be repaid within 0-5 months.

3. Business loan repayment is on monthly basis.

4. Applicant must have a running account before any credit facilities will be approved.

5. Juwi Multi Services Company shall monitor your sales record from 0-3 months before the final approval of your loan.

6. The approval is subject to a comprehensive filling of the applicant form and a comprehensive review of your business viability and surety of principal guarantor.

7. A non- refundable processing fee of 3% must be paid to Juwi Multi Services Company’s bank account and the teller will be uploaded for processing.

8.interest rate 5% per month

9. Default attracts 3% Daily